Region Number 22B
Realm None

The region beneath Ashenia was discovered in the 430s, although it took many years before progress was made. The first explorers did not return, with one of them later found welded to a cavern wall while still in his armor.[1]

In 444, explorers beneath Ashenia found the inscription "GERR-->" carved into the walls.[2] They explored more thoroughly, for a time believing they were searching fruitlessly, but just as the expedition was preparing to return to the surface they heard a deep rumble and followed it to its source. The expedition found a massive cave, "GERR" carved into the walls by a variety of hands and in a variety of scripts, some with arrows pointing towards the center of the cave where an immense pit, deeper and darker than any seen before, yawned open as if to the core of Telluris. The expedition was unable to gauge the depth of the pit, all conventional methods being ineffective in penetrating its blackness. They heard no more sounds coming from the pit or the cave itself and, after making detailed maps of their route, they returned to the surface to report their findings.[3]

A return expedition by the Ashenians in 450 discovered that the "GERR" carvings found around in the cavern housing the hole were gone. In fact, the entirety of that portion of the cave was gone with no sign of a cave in or other natural occurrence to explain it. The investigators were baffled, since their maps had been highly detailed and one does not lose a a bottomless pit. As they searched for any signs as to explain what had happened, one of the astrologers discovered a new "GERR-->", this time with an arrow pointing north. The investigators eagerly followed it, finding more and more signs with arrows leading them further and further north. They traveled through the caves for weeks crossing from under Ashenia into the dangerous unknown under Sulvan's Fury from which the Balefrog had risen. The investigators continued to find GERR--> signs however and continued to follow them. Eventually they came upon a great cavern, eerily similar to the one they had discovered under Ashenia, if not the very same.

The signs were eventually discovered to be connected to the missing Sulvai stone-carver Gerriock Earthmoulder.



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