Union of the North
Current Members Kingdom of Ashenia

Kingdom of the Silver Moon
Sulvan Primarchy

Agreed c.330
Founding Members Khalifate of Crima

Kingdom of Ashenia
Kingdom of the Silver Moon
Sulvan Primarchy

Status In force (de jure)

The Union of the Northwest, also known as the Union of the North or "UN", was an alliance and resource-sharing arrangement between the Khalifate of Crima, the Kingdom of Ashenia, the Sulvan Primarchy and Bordeux. It was devised by High Chieftain Umajin of Crima in the early 330s.

The Union is still in existence, although it was diminished by the decline of Crima to vassal status after the Great Tellurian War and the alignment of the Sulvan Primarchy with Razdis. Though it remained officially extant at least into the late 400s, the Khalifate of Crima collapsed and was replaced by an entirely new government that was unbound by the treaty (Though it remained at least nominally an ally of the remaining Union members) and the Sulvan Primarchy passed out of Razdissi hands to become a vassal of the Kingdom of Ashenia.

Still, the Kingdoms of Ashenia and Bordeux (later known as the Kingdom of the Silver Moon) remain fully functional and continue to observe the alliance.


The Union of the Northwest (hereby refereed to as the UN) is a pact of mutual defense, commerce, and friendship between the nations of Crima, Bordeux, Sulvan's Fury, and Ashenia. Each of those facets will be covered below.

  • Between the four nations of the UN, there is a pact of mutual non-aggression and defense. However, any defense pacts not made with the entirety of the UN will only be honored by the member who made the pact.
  • The UN is not currently planning on adding any members, due to the complex trade agreements. However, a message must be sent to the entire UN for consideration of any corollary agreements.
  • Each member traded each of its resources to the other three members, with the exception of Bordeusi wood, which was traded only with Ashenia and Sulvan's Fury.
  • Printing Press technology was freely shared by Ashenia within the alliance.

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