United Lacertian Dominion
Regions Lacertia
Ruler Kelarth the Conqueror (last independent)
Player Lorick
Abbreviation -
Capital Unknown
Status Defunct
Abolished 400
Sovereignty Free State
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Kelarth
The United Lacertian Dominion, also known as the ULD, was a state that existed in Lacertia during the latter half of the 4th century. It was conquered by Idrisa of Ashenia in 400.


Before unification, the Lacertians lived as different clans, but in 345 they were unified through conquest by Potentate Kelarth, forming the United Lacertian Dominion. The ULD had very strong gender roles, with males taking roles in military, mining, and animal handling positions, and females taking roles as artisans, craftsmen, and priests.

Despite unification, the clans of the Lacertians held an uneasy peace with each other, with many past generations of fighting still remembered. This revealed itself especially at times of worship, as they had now also to praise the dead of different clans, including those that had killed members of their clan. However, worshipping their leader, Potentate Kelarth the Conqueror (who is a god, or living-ancestor, in his people's eyes) typically came immediately after worshipping their ancestors, and reminds them to keep their unity or risk angering their god-king.

The Dominion had vast amounts of ore littered throughout it's land, especially rich in iron and adamantine. It was also home to the Great Lizards, large reptiles that serve an important role in Lacertian society as a source of meat, eggs, and leather. Though they were used as beasts of burden and mounts as well, they do enter brumation for two to three months every year. The Lacertians lack medicinal herbs which grow more readily in milder climates. More reliable beasts of burden, and variety in their meats, are also wished for.

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