Harbinger Uyarak Suluk-Tukutkaa
Title Harbinger
Reign c.490 -
Predecessor Tan'Gerrliq
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Unknown
Issue Unknown

Uyarak Suluk-Tukutkaa is the current Harbinger of the Tuvaak. He earned his name and honor through his grand attacks on flying beasts. He specialized in climbing on the beasts backs and breaking their wings, bringing them down for the kill. When the last Harbinger grew older, he brought the clans together and asked for a challanger. Tan'Gerrliq Nalupkinaktuk was a beloved Harbinger, and at first nobody challenged him. The people wished for him to continue his benevolent rule. He addressed the clans about the world changing, times of trouble ahead and that they would need a new leader. A younger Tuvaak with a fresh outlook that would see their people to further prosperity when they came out to the world at large.

Uyarak challenged Tan'Gerrliq after hearing this. He wanted to bring the honor and glory of the Tuvaak to all peoples of this world. With a heavy heart, he stood before the elder elf, armed with his great-axe while Tan'Gerrliq took up his legendary longbow. The people looked on, confused that the elder had brought only one arrow with him, but not doubting he needed only one. The duel began and ended in only a few seconds. Tan'Gerrliq shot his arrow, burying it in the shaft of Uyarak's axe, between his two hands. He dropped his bow and claimed defeat, for he had no weapon to fight with. The symbolism was not lost on anyone. Tan'Gerrliq remained strong and skilled, but was wise enough to know that things were about to change, and the Tuvaak must change with it; begining with a new Harbinger.

Before re-joining the ranks of the hunters, he left Uyarak with a final statement to ponder. "I was always just a hunter, even as Harbinger. It is what our people wanted and needed. Now they will need something else which I have no mind for. It is up to you to figure out what that will be, for I know not. Be warned, young one, civilized men will prove more dangerous to us than any beast or even Nunani, the demon who sleeps."


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