Valeriya Flag
Region Number 77
Realm Sovereign Principality of Niskovia
Population 671,000
Resources Rock Juice

Geliy Vapour

Imports Textiles
Religion Druidism

Valeriya is a region in the Sovereign Principality of Niskovia.


Valeriya is a harsh, mountainous land. Landmarks include:

The Pozvonochnik Range: These distinctive mountains run almost parallel to Valeriya's coastline. As such they act as a massive windbreak, protecting the coastal plain from harsh icy winds that would otherwise blow in from the north.

Molniya Headlands: These unusually shaped promontories jut out into a body of water that most believe to be an inland sea.

Astral'noye Dveri: This massive standing ring appears to be an ancient artifact. It is inscribed with what appear to be stylised constellations and is large enough that one could march an army through it. Curiously an imitation ring was constructed in the Niskovian capital of Kishinev over 2 decades before any Niskan encountered this one. All the natives say when asked about it is some variation on the term 'bozhestvo'.


The natives of Valeriya are the Favn - western Fae. The Favn resemble Niskans in most aspects of their appearance, with a few particularly notable differences. They have long, pointed ears and green is a common hair colour and unlike Niskans prefer to wear their hair short. Also from the waist down their legs resemble a goats, complete with a shaggy pelt the same colour of their skin and cloven hooves but with a long cat-like tail. Favn also possess horns, usually these emerge from just below the hairline and sweep backwards.

Favn clothing - what little they wear - is often adorned with fringes of their own hair. Aside from that, their clothing is primarily white - Favn covet foreign textiles, not for their colour or because they lack their own, but for the feel of different textures.
Typical attire consists merely of a belted tunic as they tend to dislike pants due to finding them uncomfortable. No shoes are needed thanks to their hooves, though a Favn will wrap their lower legs with strips of leather if they expect to travel rough terrain.

Niskan scholars believe that these fae could be ancestors of the Niskans.


The Favn follow a religion based around druidic philosophy and rituals.