Prince Vanya Nisakovich
Reign c.384 - 444
Predecessor Valerian Nisakovich
Successor Zhenya Nisakovich
Spouse Tiia Nordskov
House Nisakovich
Mother Halyna Maksimov
Father Valerian Nisakovich
Born 362
Died 475
Cause of Death unknown
Religion Kartina Zhizni

In 384, Vanya Nisakovich became the 27th High Prince of the Niskan people. He ascended to the throne after the untimely death of his father. He gained the throne over his older brother due to Artem's indiscretions and general unsuitability.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Valerian Nisakovich
Prince of Niskovia
c.384 - 444
Succeeded by
Zhenya Nisakovich

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