Regions The Heartwaste


Titles Queen of the Heartwaste and the Faedas Freehold
Current Head Kyria Varinel
Founded bef. 300
Founder Hariven Varinel (first known)
Nationality Heartwaste Fae

Varinel has been the ruling house of the Heartwaste and, later, the whole Faedas Freehold since at least the late third century. Since the death of Hariven Varinel it has been largely matriarchal, with the family name passed down through the female line.

The first known member of the family is Hariven Varinel. He had four children by unknown partners:

  • Hasrin (299 - 400). Married Marquise Ilana Alakan and had issue.
  • Mellienth, born 302, died likely before 330. Appears to have died young, with no issue.[2]
  • Katara (305 - c.366). Killed her father and took his place as Queen. No issue.
  • Karet (308 - 410). Married Marquise Basya Yunizar and had issue.
  • Kynvessa (311-380). Married Yuuhi of Tekorva and had issue:
    • Valineth Varinel (360-468), Queen of the Heartwaste and the Faedas Freehold, married Wayve Earthguard of Hurosha and had issue:
      • Rove Earthguard, born 409
      • Kyria Varinel, born 417, twin of Kyria, succeeded her mother as Queen.
      • Lorisanth Varinel, born 417, known as Loris, twin of Kyria.
    • Ameneschi, born 362, date of death unknown.
    • Kuramkesh, born 362. Became High Prince of Sanctuary, deposed and disappeared after 395.
  • Varel Varinel (311-391), married Zhela Toranath of Ashenia and had issue.

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