Varyn, Lord Delassa
Nationality Jarrlander
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Lord Delassa

King of the Jarrs &c (claimed)

House Delassa
Race Jarr
Cause of Death Slain

Varyn, Lord Delassa, was a clan chief of Jarrland in the period before unification. He is believed to have lived in the third century.

Clan Delassa was a powerful clan, who claimed descent from King Aesa. Varyn was reportedly an ambitious chief who chafed under the rule of the king of the period. He titled himself king on the basis of his royal descent and his son as atheling. He was recognised by the Isling clan, and possibly others.

According to the histories, Varyn subsequently raided the king's hall, killing his brothers and most of his sons.

In retribution, the Jarrow, with support from the Qzare, attacked Clan Delassa and destroyed it. Varyn's family were all killed in the war, and he himself slain defending the last hold of his clan. The clan name was completely expunged, and what became of the survivors is unknown.

Varyn is now remembered as one of the worst villains in the history of Jarrland. It is possible that the figure of Varyn is a conflation of several individuals over a period of some years. It is suspected that it was in exchange for help in dealing with him, or the rivals he has come to represent, that the Jarrow king swore allegiance to the Qzare.

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