Queen Vera Amalia Noth
Title Queen of Celero
Reign 453 - present
Predecessor Rion Hazael Noth
Successor Faltus Grant Noth
Spouse Unknown
Issue Faltus Grant

Tanish Fastion
Amber Fern
Rion II

House Noth
Father Crown Prince Grant
Born 446
Religion Radurja

Vedra Amalia Noth, known as Vera, or Vera Amalia, was Queen of Celero from 453 until her death.


She came to the throne at an early age after the murder of her father, Crown Prince Grant, and his father, King Rion Hazael, and reigned for several years under the regency of her uncle Fastion.

It was during her reign that the Kingdom of Celero was incorporated into the Salterri Imperium. This saw Celero exchange all its existing territory south of the Straits of Diyu, which mostly consisted of islands, for control over the Yong Prefecture.


Vera had four children, each of whom succeeded to the throne in turn:

Royal titles
Preceded by
Rion I
Queen of Celero
453 - present
with Fastion Noth (453 - c.464)
Succeeded by
Faltus Grant

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