Full of strange aquatic life, the River Vita is of importance to Yorukuni. Though there are some underground lakes and extremely minor creeks it is possible Yorukuni could not sustain life without the River Vita. Aside from the obvious beauty of clear water running over stone, a little further along the river from the Kauvan Border Town lies the Glowing Caverns, a small town named for the moss which glows in abundance there. It has a dim glow ranging from deep purple to deep blue depending on the type of moss.

The moss also grows along a long stretch of the River Vita toward Vitae no Yami, one of the major cities of Yorukuni. Vitae no Yami is the darkest city of Yorukuni and the main source of our food. To keep the moss from spreading uncontrollably, it is harvested. Some of this moss has been found to make excellent tea if processed correctly, but most of it is stored to turn into fertile soil for various underground plants. The Tekorvanin have remarked it could help them greatly in the growing of their Frost Berries which is used to make Nix Merum, an expensive but extremely high quality deep purple wine.

Downriver, a little north of the Labyrinth of Nykta but south of the Ketsuek Caverns lies the Enclave of the Pure Blood. Within this holy place lies a good third of the Aristocracy of Yorukuni. While small, it is the pinnacle of their current civilization and though those who are not of Pure Blood may enter, they have decided to allow the High Prince to reside within the Mansion of the High Prince, which is an expansive walled estate sprawling across the top of a hill within the Enclave.

Toward the very north eastern edge of Yorukuni in the deepest of tunnels where the River Vita grows impossibly wide appears to be an abundance of abandoned Kinu Wyrm homes. There is a small town here named Kuroth Depths where a large amount of food from River Vita and Kinu Kuroth is collected. Unfortunately, Kuroth Depths is fairly distant from the majority of Yorukuninin and thus not a very large town, but important nonetheless for it contributes to at least a fifth of the region’s Kinu Kuroth.


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