The forests and skies of Angan Anvale are host to strange creatures, seemingly from another world, known as Voidbeasts.

Voidbeasts are called are only partly tangible and many would be forgiven for not seeing them in the dark or fog. They take many forms, shadowy mockeries of actual creatures, though a few are more common or noteworthy than others and deserve special mention. Fortunately, most are harmless, but those that are dangerous can kill a person with but one swipe of their phantasmal claws.

The most commonly seen that take to the air are raven and songbird forms. Those most commonly seen in the forests are stag, wolf, tiger and rat forms. Rarely seen, but notable, forms are those of the bear, giant eagle, serpent and horse. Some are solitary and some come in swarms, but it is important to note that only wolf, giant eagle and rarely rat and raven forms have been known to attack. Other forms are possible, but are exceedingly rare.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as some would consider, no method is known that would allow one to capture and tame a Voidbeast, but the hunting of them is still a worthwhile pursuit. Once a Voidbeast is slain by a hunter, its body will take on a more tangible form that allows their hides or feathers and blood to be gathered. The feathers and blood of such creatures fulfil a purely ornamental function after gathered, though some beings may find the taste of their blood interesting or exotic. Their hides on the other hand can be manufactured into high quality leather that is much stronger than the leather of regular animals and in addition has many curious properties that are not yet understood. Please note that while the flesh of Voidbeasts is not poisonous, the taste is best compared to ash with a hint of rotting meat.

However, it is important to note that hunting said creatures comes with certain unusual challenges. As they are only partly tangible at any given time, the wounds inflicted on a Voidbeast by the sword or the arrow have unusual properties. It is quite possible for the blow to penetrate the outer layers of skin and muscle without damaging them and strike internal organs directly, while it is also possible for blows to pass through, only for one's sword to become stuck as what was once ethereal becomes tangible mid swing.

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