Region Number 78A
Realm Fera
Population  ?
Resources None
Imports None
Religion Pagan Druidism (Majority)

Pagan Shamanism (Minority)


Vythau[1] is a land primarily of semi-tropical to temperate rainforests and rivers with the few grassy plains found primarily toward the coastline.

Llwyn Sanctydd 「Grove full of will o' wisps」

Cerddor Aeth River 「Main river」

Rhädr Falls 「Thundering Falls in the midst of a rainforest」


Yslynd The Yslynd have no memory of cataclysms for Vythau never experienced such. For many centuries, this mystical land was an untouched bastion of the nature rich in life and magic. After a time, some of the spirits of Vythau took material forms so they could become closer to the nature they cherished and nurtured. Though this came at the cost of their immortality and much of their magic, the Yslynd discovered many joys which they could not experience in their corporeal forms. Now able to become parents themselves, enjoy the myriad tastes and more, the Yslynd remained content and undisturbed until the Haljans came. At first, the Yslynd hid from these strange new creatures which roamed the land and ate the creatures of the forest. Though the Haljans never took more than the forests could provide, Yslynd souls ached at the loss until a brave young Yslynd by the name of Tywyllwch consulted the spirits of the land who promised all would be well. Though the spirits could easily have urged Tywyllwch to speak with the Haljans himself, the spirits were mischevious and instead began working on changing these Haljans forever. At first, nothing seemed to happen until one day a group of Haljans were spotted with flowing glowing blue lines covering the entirety of their body. These Haljans were much larger than the others, but had smaller pincers and stingers, no claws or spikes and flowing, glossy blue hair like a gentle river. Their faces were gentler and closely resembled a cat's.

Delighted, the Yslynd followed these new Haljans. The Haljans seemed confused, as when they tried to eat any meat they would become violently sick. Starving, they eventually stopped and lay down tiredly on a grassy plain beside the Cerddor Aeth River. Some looked to the sky and beseeched 'Fraiks' for answers to what they thought was a curse. Others simply closed their eyes to sleep forever, for surely there was no way they could survive this strange new 'disease'. Frightened, the Yslynd rushed over to the Haljans who barely recognised their presence. After a short time, Tywyllwch came from the forest with a large group of other Yslynd bearing fruit and water. The Yslynd gently offered the Haljans the food. Initially, they refused the strange new beings until a few decided it was worth a try. After seeing their brethren visibly strengthened by the fruit the rest of the Haljans eventually also ate their fill and began conversing with the Yslynd. It seemed the Haljans and the Yslynd had more in common tthan they first thought... Many years later, the new blue Haljans were the only kind to be found in Vythau.

Despite most having more or less humanoid appearances, the Yslynd vary greatly in appearance. Most Yslynd have horns or antlers and large eyes. The Yslynd resemble a large variety of the animals found within Vythau. Some look similar to the Favn of the Sovereign Principality of Niskovia, but with more deer-like faces and are covered entirely in fur. Others have horse- and/or yak-like appearances. The Yslynd who live in rivers and the sea typically possess turtle-, fish-, eel- and/or frog-like appearances. The Yslynd are able to form bonds with sapient beings with high mystical energies and create hybrid children. They are also able to create hybrids with the Haljans for an as yet unknown reason. Some Yslynd theorise it is due to a resonance they share with the Haljans. Due to these hybrid Haljan children, there are many Yslynd who have the lower half of a pony, deer, opossum, goat or other four-legged creatures of Vythau. Some such hybrids may have six legs and tails which end in stingers. 

Blews Haljans As with the Haljans of the LLC and Neo Scandza, the Blews Haljans are escaped slaves who fled the West in search of a new and better life. After much searching, they stumbled upon an ancient and lush patch of rainforestland full of rivers and large lakes. Dotted around the landscape are various grassy plains. The land was full of life and the Haljans did not anticipate any issue with their presence as they were surely a drop in the pond; especially if they bred their own stock. All went to plan for a while until the day the first Kvista awoke not quite themselves... No longer able to subsist on meats, many of these new Haljans became lost. By the time most of the Haljans had Changed, many were on the brink of death through starvation. Out of desperation, some Kvista had begun to eat plant matter despite knowing little to nothing on which plants were safe to eat. Many Haljans became sick and few were able to move their Kvista to inform the others. It was not until the Yslynd first made contact with the Haljans that the Haljans were able to adapt to the new situation and already there had been fatal incidents. With help from the Yslynd, the Haljans learned of fruits and leaves that were good to eat.

The Haljans which are now known as 'Blews Haljans' are similar in appearance to other Haljans. Flowing glowing blue lines cover the entirety of their body and are much larger than the typical Haljan, but have smaller more elegant pincers and stingers, no claws or spikes and flowing, glossy blue hair like a gentle river. Their faces closely resemble a cat's. Unlike the other Haljans of Fera, the Blews Haljans do not wear clothes and carry no weapons aside from a walking stave. Very few Ferans have any issue with this and as such, Blews Haljan Kvista roam freely throughout Fera without having to change their customs. It is rumoured however that those outside of Fera can be uncomfortable with the Blews Haljans' nakedness and that it contributes to foreigners' inability to differentiate male Haljans from female Haljans.


Vythau the Spirit Lands does not currently offer any resources for export. The majority of the inhabitants of Vythau desire precious gems. Perhaps understandably, the Yslynd are a highly spiritual people. One of their customs is to fashion charms and perform rituals using semi-precious stones and gems. It is also said that various stones and gems bring harmony to life through rebalancing of one's own spiritual power and emotions. As such, gems are highly sought after for their properties as Vythau is rich in semi-precious stones, but not the rarer gems to be found in mines.



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