Wang is the title used by the head of the Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo, and appears to date back to the days of the Old Imperium. It may have been the original title of the Old Imperial head of state, either complementary to or superseding that of Qzare.

The Wang family of the Salterri Imperium are believed to take their name from the ancient title.

No Wangs from before the fifth century and the rediscovery of Zuiguo are known.

House of PakEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Pak Choi -c.468 463 Last Wang of the Greatest Kingdom; captured and imprisoned by the Kingdom of the Silver Moon
Interregnum 463 469 Kingdom abolished and reduced to vassal status under the Kingdom of the Silver Moon
Pak Sook c.500 Brother of Pak Choi.
Pak Heyeon c.500 Son of Pak Sook. Married Steward Euco of the Chivalric Republic, oversaw union

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