Warden is a title granted to individuals within the Salterri Imperium who have been entrusted with military responsibility over a given sphere. It is in almost all cases granted to rulers, whether proconsuls or prefects.

Title holders in 500Edit

Title Held by Notes
Warden of the East King of the Jarrs, &c.
Warden of the Hundred Seas Skipper-General
Warden of the Deep High King of Mularuhm
Warden of the West King of the Caercian Consortium
Warden of the Far West King of Celero "Warden of the Old Lands" and "Warden of the North" also used.
Warden of the Far East Niemida Prefect "Warden of the Rising Sun" also used.
Warden of the Isles King and Queen of the Isles

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