West Kap
Region Number 107
Population 500,000
Resources Stone
Imports Timber
Religion Sapha Rasta, Mugerkhal
West Kap, formerly known as Uttara Lasha, is a region in the Mighty Euge Terrible Alliance of Lanteroc.


The Razor Peaks are the dominant mountain range in the area, stretching south into Nezetkharras and beyond and north into the Planinfrag. On the west side of the mountain range a decent amount of rain falls and despite the rocky and craggy land plants do grow and animals to forage. The east side however is another tale entirely, marking the entrance to the vast desert said to be the origin of the Saroc.

First colonized by the Monto and believed to be their first expansion beyond Bashul Kentoya the region contains a network of mountain roads all connecting to the current administrative capital of the regions, the Shining City. Sitting nestled in a valley between two of the larger peaks this city is constructed of stone and brass and shines brightly when the sun rays fall upon it. Monto records indicate it was already there when colonized but Saroc generally assume it was the Monto who built it.


See Monto and Saroc

The Monto originally colonized this region when the Monto were still led by the Grand Prince Montoyons of Majana Sha and retain a significant presence. The green skinned, orange haired humanoids of the region serving as the primary representatives of Grand Prince Montoyon Gebui to Guilder during their years of trade.
The Saroc, a branch said to have joined Megadeth Stormskull after his conquest of Bashul Kentoya and having reportedly come from the desert, not the Thumping Plains, conquered this region at the same time as the Stormskull subjugation of the Majana Sha conquest and went on to conquer the southern range of mountains as well, although recent interactions with the Tzaltec has led to speculation that they since fell subject to the Tzaltec Empire.


The Monto follow their people's religion of Sapha Rasta. The Saroc mostly follow their own Mugerkhal faith.


The Razor Peaks supply and abundance of Stone, quarried by Monto under the watchful eye of the Saroc.

The region's mountainous and rocky ground means little more than shrub bushes can grow here and the region is in need of Timber.


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