Within art one shall find a piece of the artist's Soul.

Wotka is the An Náduri deity of the arts.

An Náduri MythologyEdit

Wotka's origins are unique among the An Náduri deities for He is the only one who was created by mortals themselves, though how this came to be none have managed to figure out yet.

The First Age was the strangest and least understood Ages even when compared to what is known of all other Ages combined. From Dernyos and Ethyllwn, flora and fauna inherited an intense desire to create. Though their creations were in many ways arguably inferior to themselves, they were also in many ways far greater than themselves as well.

Toward the end of the First Age, the Elder Races cooperated to craft from what they could find a colossal statue of a being several of the most well respected Dreamers of the time of each race saw in their dreams together. This statue was one of the few things which survived the constant change which suddenly ceased at the end of the First Age.

On the dawn of the Second Age, the statue opened one mighty eye blearily to the amazement of all who beheld the occasion. The next day, he opened his other eyes. The colours painted onto him became more vivid until it was as though he were a living breathing being. Many years later, the statue shuddered and shook loose a rocky exterior. Standing stiffly, the being proclaimed Himself to be Wotka, God of the Arts and thanked the races still present who created Him before taking His first few steps toward the universe's core where none doubted He belonged.

Tumeland PaganismEdit

The elves of Tumeland worship a deity named Vautka, their patron of the arts.


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