Region Number 83B
Realm Bluefire Principality
Population 1,000,000
Resources Narcoweb, Iron
Imports Crops
Religion No organised religion
Xictloali is an underground region in the Bluefire Principality.


Deep below Ahmeskharras the ground opens up into a series of vast caverns, filled with translucent stalagmites and stalagtites. Some of the caverns are said to be so large that it is impossible to see across them, although whether or not this is true, the presence of the stone forests and the webbing strung between them lends the caves a claustrophobic air, despite their enormous size.


The people of Xictloali are goblins, of a similar phenotype to the Afreet: a diminutive and green-skinned people. Upon discovery the entire population was suspended in Narcowebbing, and unresponsive to any attempt to communicate, but those removed from the webs have eventually begun to communicate. They appear to have no recollection of how they became trapped in the webs, but many of them seem to have been there for some time: it seems that many of the goblins are as much as two hundred years old, although theirs is not normally a long-lived species.


The region is well supplied with Narcoweb, although the substance does not appear to be native to the region. This is similar to spider's webbing but on a much larger scale, and has a soporific effect on those trapped in it. In fact those suspended in the webbing are apparently immune to the passage of time, completely removed from their surroundings, the effects of ageing, or anything save direct physical contact – even then, they will not respond unless cut free, and those injured while suspended in the web appear to remain in a completely stable condition until separated.

The region also seems to have a good supply of iron.

The goblins, once freed from the Narcowebs, require grown crops like any other people.


The awakened goblins seem to have no religion beyond a vague animism, and a healthy fear of the supernatural properties of the Narcoweb.


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