Yong Prefecture
Ruler Prefect Yong Kim Huan (last)
Player NPC
Abbreviation YON
Capital Nan Hai Nian
Status Defunct
Abolished 470s
Former Regions Nan Hai Nian

Dong Bu Dosi

Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Government Aristocracy
Liege Caercian Consortium

The Yong Prefecture was a prefecture of the Salterri Imperium created by the rulers of the Caercian Consortium to administer its holdings in the far west, then comprised of Nan Hai Nian and the recently conquered territory of Dong Bu Dosi, as well as any further territory taken from Zuiguo or discovered further to the west. It takes its name from the Yong Mountains which form the border between its first two regions.

In the 470s rule over the Prefecture passed to the Queen of Celero and was incorporated into the kingdom.


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