Yong Shan, the Forever Mountains, are a mountain range in the southeast of the western continent. It was from these mountains that the former Yong Prefecture took its name.

The Yong Shan forever casts its shadow wherever the sun might direct it to, snowy peaks visible from anywhere within the region. The Mountains are the home to the awe inspiring Leviathans and the capital city but little else, cold and massive as they are.[1]

Dong Bu Dosi, commonly shortened to Dong Bu, holds the highest peak and tail end of the Yong Shan mountain range. The tallest peak of the range, Mt. Nop-San, is visible from anywhere within the region and is speculated to be the tallest mountain in the hemisphere, if not the world. None of the native Dùn live in this region, finding the cold mountain air disagreeable to their temperament.[2]



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