Yosi Cedro
Nationality Raaneki
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Blazing Avatar
Born 313[1]
Died 358
Cause of Death Murdered
Religion Lord of Fire

Yosi Cedro was born to a Raaneki merchant and a Bordeusi beauty queen. As a child, he was seen as unusual for he did not take to the taste of wine and he grew very fast. At age 13 he stood six feet tall and in adulthood he stood yet another foot taller. He never spoke of how he was discovered to be the Blazing Avatar, but there is a stadium-sized hole in the Raanekan wilds where trees no longer grow, and the ones on the rim of it are black on one side.

He made his presence as Blazing Avatar known to the world by attending the Grand Ball in Lyradis in 336. Though uninvited and stirring up controversy among attendants, in the years to follow many came to see him as a wise and kind man who took joy in the mysteries of life and giving gifts without explanation. It is rumoured that the Blazing Avatar can see the future, a feat that Radurja Witnesses try to replicate through osuro consumption. No doubt this is due in part thanks to Mosi II being good friends with the Blazing Avatar during their lifetimes.

Since his death at the hand of the Khater assassin Thamiel at the First World’s Fair in Celero, many people in Gunung, Pryonia and Calorum believed think the daughter of Simovi Divinorum and Berta Cardion is the reincarnated Blazing Avatar, while some in Raaneka assumed Shvedrishti "Pure Eyes" was. The identity of the Blazing Avatar was eventually settled at the Second Grand Ball.

Appearance at the Grand BallEdit

A large man appeared in the entrance, well over six feet tall, his shoulders broad and revealed by the same sleeveless flowing robes. Those robes! They appeared as if they had been woven from threads of every metal known and unknown, shimmering white and yellow and red. The man bore no tattoos like the other six robed men, but his skin was yet more memorable than the others, for it seemed it had an inner glow, as if the man's very veins harboured liquid fire. His eyes were half-closed, as if he were tired, but no fatigue was apparent from his form. He smiled unwaveringly, not an unkind smile, but yet one that might make anyone feel uneasy, as if he knew more than one could even guess.[2]



Religious titles

Blazing Avatar
Title next held by
Greta Cardion Divinorum

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