Chief Hierarch Zanper Fidious
Title Chief Hierarch of the Priory of Ascension

Governor of Salteire

Reign c.376 - 420
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Zuida Rongyao (as leader of the Priory)

Matriarch Parsimonia (as Chief Hierarch)

Spouse Unknown
Issue Zuida Rongyao
House Zuida (presumed)
Born c.340
Died 420, Salteire
Cause of Death Died in battle
Religion Ascension

Zanper Fidious was the first Chief Hierarch of the Priory of Ascension to hold temporal power in Salteire. His name prior to joining the Council of Patriarchs is unknown, but he is presumed to have been a member of the Zuida family.

He took power in Salteire on a temporary basis some time after the death of Lann Qing following the failure of government there. In fact the Priory became effectively the permanent government of Salteire as no replacement governor was ever appointed. During the late fourth century he sponsored the spread of the Ascension cult in the rest of the Imperium, and extended the Priory's authority over the neighbouring provinces of Minotron (renamed Campestrus Pratum) and Bor-Teire, and later brought Bracia into the Imperium.

In 492 he oversaw the transformation of many followers of Ascension into the Ascended, otherwise known as angels. It later transpired that among them was the Qzare's brother Hanyeo, later Qzare himself, although in his case the transformation was warped.

Starting at the Moonshroud Festival where the miracle took place, Fidious increasingly clashed with the Silver Throne on various issues, including what he saw as the arbitrary nature of imperial power, toleration of religious minorities, and foreign policy. The abdication of Wandao and the succession of Hanyeo initially seemed to resolve some issues, but Fidious was by now questioning the nature of the imperial mandate and came to the conclusion that the house of Xiu had lost it altogether. In 415 he privately requested Hanyeo abdicate and allow for selection of a new Qzare, but was rebuffed. A few years later, in 418, he called the Silver Summit to discuss matters with the other Imperial vassals, but failed to sway any of them to his side. Consequently he unilaterally declared Hanyeo unfit to rule and effectively seceded from the Imperium.

Hanyeo issued a warrant for Fidious's arrest and brought his army into Salteire to execute it. The Imperial army was narrowly defeated in the opening engagement, but both leaders were killed in unclear circumstances. Priory records show that the stress of the battle was too great for Fidious, who by now was over eighty years old, and his heart gave out.

He was succeeded as Chief Hierarch by Matriarch Parsimonia and in his temporal role as ruler of the Priory regions by his acknowledged son Zuida Rongyao, formerly Patriarch Gloriosis. He was posthumously convicted of treason by the Priory in light of his rebellion against Imperial rule, though the Priory rejected the authority of Aus-Teire and remained independent in some capacity for a further thirty years.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Chief Hierarch of the Priory of Ascension
c.370 - 420
Succeeded by
Matriarch Parsimonia
Political offices

Title last held by
Lann Qing
Governor of Salteire
c.375 - 420
Succeeded by
Zuida Rongyao
as Qzare
Preceded by
as King of the Minran Monarchy
Governor of Campestrus Pratum
395 - 420
Preceded by
Governor of Bor-Teire
c.400 - 420
New title Governor of Bracia
c.400 - 420

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