Zuberi Nia-Rohana, the Sun-King
Title King of Genivana
Reign 291-335
Predecessor Tendaji Nia

Akansha Rohana

Successor Mosi II
Spouse Nalini
Issue Mosi


House Nia-Rohana
Mother Akansha Rohana
Father Tendaji Nia
Born 256
Died 350

Zuberi's father, Tendaji Nia, was the king of Dvipabeda, and his mother, Akansha Rohana, was the Rajavana. Their marriage united Genivana as a single kingdom. Each year this is still celebrated with a festival as Unification Day. Zuberi is actually the second son, but his elder brother was lost at sea years ago in a storm. He became King at the age of 45 when his father stepped down to 'enjoy his old age'. Elder Tendaji served as an advisor to Zuberi until his death at the age of 86.

In his childhood Zuberi was called the Sun-Prince because of his fiery red mane. As he aged it grew longer and twisted into dreadlocks, as is the style amongst Genivanan sailors. Now he is the Sun-King but his mane has gone almost completely white. In his youth he was strong and impulsive, but by 330 he had grown wise and fat.

He married his wife, Nalini (a minor Mawa noble), at the age of 23 when she was just 19. They had four children, who each have a family of their own.

Elder Zuberi passed away at the ripe old age of 94.[1]


Royal titles
Preceded by
Tendaji Nia
King of Genivana
Succeeded by
Mosi II

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