Ziben Yong
Region Number 147
Realm Kingdom of Celero
Population 1,230,000
Resources Oil, Bureaucrats
Imports Fruit
Religion Q'jes

Ziben Yong, also known as New Celero, is a region in the southern Kingdom of Celero.


South of the Yong Shan mountain range stands the Tiantang Shan, the Mountain of Heaven. Built atop the mountain's peak is the great and ancient School of Examinations which all prospective bureaucrats must attend and test themselves at in order to be granted positions of administration within the government. The recent Celerii colonists refer to this as Andust's Peak.

The Lizi Wan, or Prune Bay, is the inlet of water that served as a major source of economic prosperity in ancient times acting as the primary access for trade between the southern lands and the inner lands of the Far West. It's name comes from a legend that speaks of a great spirit taking the form of a plum tree said to watch over the bay in ancient days but that was chopped down by a careless boat builder at the decline of the Old Imperium, making the bay's former economic prosperity dry up and shrivel like a plum to a prune.

The Yinlou, or Oil Flats, lies to the south and is the source of the abundant oil produced in the region. Though the surface is largely flat and barren steppe land mines spot the rough and rocky terrain and from them oil flows back to the cities in the northwest and along the coast of Lizi Wan.


Like the natives of Rì Chūgǎng and Nan Hai Nian, the people of Ziben Yong are golden hued with dark black hair and long hair. There is a notable affinity within the Ziben culture towards thinness and a shunning of body fat of any kind, even to a point of unhealthy appearance.

The native people place a great importance on organized display of rank and badges of merit or office are worn pinned in silver medallions upon their clothing.

Clean shaven seems to be a trend among the men and the women keep their hair shorter than those of the surrounding provinces.


The plentiful oil of Ziben Yong comes mostly from the Oil Flats, though it is occasionally found in Prune Bay.

Training to become a bureaucrat in Ziben Yong is as arduous, if not more, than the training to become an officer of the Salterri armies or an expert in the common fields. Held to testing standards set down and refined over centuries a Ziben bureaucrat is a professional administrator capable of locating, addressing, and quelling problems oftentimes before anyone has even realized they have arisen. So exceptional are the skills of the bureaucrats that even those who are not granted employ within the Ziben government are of value to other administrations for their abilities.
The Ziben lack greatly in fruit.


The Ziben worship the ancient Imperium religion.

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