Zosimus Argulus
Title Argulus of the Kell
Reign c.541 - c.560
Predecessor Gregor Argulus
Successor Pankritus Argulus
Spouse Ameryn Jarrow
Issue Unknown
House House of Evander
Father Gregor Argulus
Born c.510

Zosimus was the youngest son of Gregor Argulus. In his youth he was warded in the Kingdom of the Carmine Sea, and attended the Fifth Grand Ball as part of the Carmine delegation. Some years later he took his host's daugher, Ameryn, as his official partner.

He succeeded his father as Argulus and continued his policies towards eastern expansion, securing regions with coasts on both the Dappled Sea and the western Hundred Seas. During the Sharixian War of Independence he attempted to invade Maisel but was eventually repelled with heavy losses by the Sharix and Guilderene armies.

On his return to Kelldria he was met by the readied knives of his generals, who believed him to be excessively sympathetic to his Carmine in-laws. Despite the prosperity that relationship had brought, his generals refused to accept that any foreigner truly cared for the Kell more than a Kell would and questioned loyalties. Eventually he was overthrown and cast out into exile in the lands of the north, replaced with the Kell-supremacist, Pankritus.

Elwyn was outraged by the treatment of Zosimus, as was his son Alfrett. Within a few years they had provided Zosimus with an army which he led back into Kelldria with the intention of reclaiming his position.


By his partner Ameryn Jarrow Zosimus had at least two children, whose names are unknown.

He may have had other children unknown to posterity.

Political offices
Preceded by
Gregor Argulus
Argulus of the Kell
c.541 - c.560
Succeeded by
Pankitus Argulus

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