Zuei Piandao
Title Prime Minister of the Senate
Reign 434-436
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Issue None
House Zuei
Mother Ganyin Muqin
Father Zuei Fanguang
Born 396
Died 436, Propinlonge
Cause of Death Terrorist attack

Zuei Piandao was a Salterri nobleman who served as Prime Minister during the 430s and as regent following the disappearance of Qzare Li Tailong en route to the Moonshroud Festival in Anaphorica.

He had an unassuming look. Handsome enough to get by among the aristocrats, but a bit too gruff to get by well. He had had more luck in all his years with military men that had known his family for years, or merchants that he could talk business with. Politics was merely another kind of business to Piandao and, in spite of everything, he had ended up being chosen to be the prime minister of the Senate in 434. People whispered it was only due to his family's reputation and high standing, but his ability to talk business with most anyone had played its part in it.[1]

The invitation to the Second International Council had not been unwelcome to him - it offered a chance to prove himself on a larger stage. He disliked drawing attention, but the man was clearly ambitious underneath that veneer. He stayed his tongue for most of the proceedings, but was later killed during the explosion of Ridovo's fireblossoms.


Political offices
Preceded by
Prime Minister of the Senate
434 - 436
Succeeded by
Royal titles
New title Imperial Regent
434 - 436
with Li Tianshi (as titular Qzarina)
Succeeded by

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