House of Zuida
Regions Salteire

Campestrus Pratum

Titles Chief Hierarch of the Priory of Ascension

Qzare (in pretence)

Current Head Zuida Héping (presumed)
Founded bef. 420
Founder Zuida Rongyao (first confirmed)
Nationality Salterri

Zuida was the house of the pretender to the Silver Throne Zuida Rongyao and his family. Rongyao was son of the Chief Hierarch Zanper Fidious, although Fidious's original family name is unknown. Following Rongyao's death and the invasion of Salteire, his heirs, Zuida Héping and Zuìdà-Wěi Fēiyàn, were sent into exile in Bordeux.

Following investigation by Tzaltec Unmarked and agents from Niskovia, Zuìdà-Wěi Fēiyàn was discovered to be the sponsor behind the Lotus Murders. She was tracked down to Penoccident and eliminated by the Unmarked.[1] It is not known whether any scions of the house still live.



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