Zuida Héping
Nationality Salterri
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Qzare (in pretence)
House Zuida
Race Human
Mother Fiona Brockton
Father Zuida Rongyao
Born 426
Religion Ascension (presumed)

Zuida Héping was the eldest child and only known son of Zuida Rongyao and his Bordeusi wife Fiona Brockton, born in the sixth year of the Priory's independence from the Imperium. Following the invasion of Salteire in the 430s, Héping and his sister were evacuated to Bordeux for protection. After Rongyao's death in Propinlonge, Héping was proclaimed Qzare by the Priory of Ascension as his successor, though he is not known ever to have returned to Salteire and never exercised any of the powers of that role.

Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Zuida Rongyao
Qzare of the Salterri Imperium
436 -
Succeeded by
Presumed incumbent

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